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Infrastructure Assessment of Hamedan Province:
Infrastructure affairs is considered as one of the main basics in major economic activities, For example, it can  provide an appropriate bed and the conditions necessary for the establishment of economic activities and investment in different economic sectors. Due to the fact that, investment in infrastructure affairs acts as a motivational factor facilitating economic activities and encouraging the presence of the private sector, therefore it has long-term developmental effects. Thus, investment in various infrastructure affairs plays an important role in shaping better future investments in major economy sectors.

• Energy:
Energy plays a major role in the economic growth and development, social welfare, improving the quality of life and security of the community. Since in all economic activities, energy (water, electricity, oil and gas) is considered as a base for the beginning of activities and above all as an essential input into the production process, so the ease of achieving the energy items and respective calculation are very important for economic entrepreneurs.

• Water and Wastewater System:
The role of water in economic value-added chain of the countries is something undeniable. Thus, the cost of providing water and wastewater services in the economic power of nations on trade and international scene is an affective issue and the health of the water economy as a principle can be an important indicator to measure the nation's economy performance and accuracy.

Indicators of Water and Urban Wastewater System

of Hamedan Province

Maximum capacity of water supply sources

597000 (1000m3)

Total volume of produced water

42345 (1000m3)

Volume of water sales

30715 (1000m3)

Number of water divisions


Volume of the reservoirs in the operation circuit

119242 (m3)

Length of water distribution network

4655 (km)

Length of water transmission lines

2040 (km)

Number of wastewater divisions

207941 divisions


•    Electricity:
Power industry is one of the most important and basic infrastructure leading industries which play a predominant role in the industrial development of any country. This industry is known not only as an energy supplier for other industries, but the importance of this industry in the development of other industries is also very impressive. Importance of developing electrical power industry is in a way that each country's per capita consumption is the most important indicators of development of that country.

Indicators of Urban Power of Hamedan Province:

Gross electricity generation

2522 MkWh

Practical capacity of the installed generators

1000 KW

Number of types of electricity consumers


The amount of electricity sales in terms of consumption

3003787 Mwh

Capacity of electric distribution (Transition Posts)


Capacity of electric distribution substations


Length of all types of power transmission lines


Percentage of villages with electricity

100 %

• Oil and Gas:
In addition to the special reserves of energy resources, especially oil and natural gas, Iran is located in a region which is considered as one of the main sources of energy in the world. Iran with nearly 100 years of experience in the oil industry, possesses a privileged and unique geopolitical position in the world, this country is the second largest exporter in the Middle East and has the world's second largest natural gas reserves.

Status of Fuel, Number of Stations and Branches of Oil Sales in Hamedan Province:

Fuel tanks



Capacity (m3)










• Transportation:
In the process of economic and social development of countries, there is a direct and positive relationship between the transportation development and achieving higher economic growth rate. In other words, the higher GDP is, the more the rate of value-added of transportation sector and this is the reason why economic growth and development depends on the development of the transportation sector, also transportation activities are among the basic activities for economic growth and development.

Indicators of Road and Air Transportation in Hamedan Province:

Types of roads under the protection and maintanance of the province


Number of intercity freeways


Number of intercity highways


Number of main roads between cities


Number of subway roads between cities


Number of urban roads


Number of rural roads


Number of cooperative transportation companies


Number of passengers


3550732 persons


1996769 persons


  •  Communications:
Today, human life depends a lot on communication. Especially when so many people are living through connection and communication. Level of communication in a current society is such that if one refrains from communicating with others or go away, they will face to some problems in their living.

Communication Indicators of Hamedan Province:

Number of fixed telephone lines installed


Number of fixed telephone lines in use


Number of fixed telephone lines in use in rural areas


Number of fixed telephone lines in use in urban areas


Number of cell phones  in use


Permanent cell phone lines in use  (Hamrahe Aval)


Chargable cell phone lines  in use  (Hamrahe Aval)


Rural areas with telecommunication  


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